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web dev

Seco Locator
Jul 2021
A website designed to help locate authorized Seco Distributors.

Stricly PHP only project / PHP 7.1 / SendGrid
Seco Converter
Mar 2021
A tool used to convert competing products to Seco based tools.

Fun project used SQL matching logic.

PHP / Composer / PHP-Auth
John Anthony Salon
Aug 2020
Created a full Customer portal where Stylist can add customers, create appointments, and apply transactions.

This project also required an extensive integration with Chase Orbital.

Laravel 6 / PHP 7.2 / Chase Orbital 
Hope Not Handcuffs
Apr 2020
Created a system to intake Participants across the state of Michigan and New York in order to better provide hope in drug addiction.

The system is designed to follow the rehabilitation flow of a participant through the course of a year and apply Follow Up intervals to track their progress.

Laravel 6 / PHP 7.2 / CPanel / Git Deploy / IPad 
Bad Brads BBQ
Nov 2019
A full service Catering Portal designed in special for the crew at Bad Brads BBQ.  A set of integral Catering Elements that submits to a back end Ordering System to help them manager their catering orders with speed and precision.

Laravel 5.8 / PHP 7.2 / CPanel / PHP MyAdmin
Locator Online
Oct 2019
LOCATOR Services, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA).  A premier online listing service for used machinery with tens of thousands of listings updated regularly.

A total re-build migrating data from an old host.

Built using PHP 7.2 / Laravel 5.8
Dry Mich
Mar 2019
The largest foundation repair / basement water proofing company in Michigan came to us for a complete website overhaul.

We built them a custom solution to manage all their leads, applicants, resources, etc. from the back end while maintaining an SEO friendly frontend - all from the ground up.

Difficult to put into words how much time and care went into this fast paced, 3 month project; Transferring data from thousands of old web pages into the new ones.

Built using PHP 7.2, EC2, Laravel 5.7.
Dragon Fly
Jun 2018
Software to manage your social reviews and SEO rankings.  Dragon Fly was built from an existing piece of software, so most of the concepts were already there.  However, the whole under belly is a complete re-model.

Have a business where you have too many locations to manage all the incoming Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. reviews? Give it a try.

Built using PHP 7.2, EC2, Laravel.  Also uses some node modules like Browershot Shot (PHP / Chromium) to effectively scrape data.
Machine Hub
Mar 2018
Machine Hubs soft launch was March 30th, 2018.

This software is designed to revolutionized the way machines are managed and sold from the ground up.

Built using PHP 7.1, EC2, S3, Laravel.

Very exciting project, excited to see how this guy grows.
Junius Brutus
Sep 2017
Junius Brutus is a musical master piece.

They are a music label which produces completely original music.

The site itself is simple in design but allows JB Music to create albums, add songs, and showcase specific music.  It also comes with a custom html 5 audio player which I designed.

Built on top of Laravel 5, AWS EC2 server, Eloquent ORM (Laravels built in ORM) and uses AWS RDS (specifically amazon Aurora).
Mooshie Music
May 2017
A creative site for a couple aspiring musicians.

If you like good rock and classic jams, check these dons out.

Very simple Laravel Project with some creative ideas and a small but functional HTML 5 audio player

Gillum bros for ever!
Aleran Minis
Dec 2016
A miniature site (decals, war models, etc.) created for individualized sale.  This was a side project completed on my personal time (late hours and early mornings).

The entirety of the project took around 30~40 hours.  Designed to be a remaking of an earlier, archaic version of the site.

Created With:
Joomla 3 (yuck!)
Sep 2016
A JS widget used to improve a donors experience.   

This startup is designed to capture a donation video / image from a donor, forward that video to the recipient of the donations, and finally allow the recipient to respond with a message of their own (video and/or text).

Resources Used:
PHP 7.0 / Laravel 5.2
Redbean 4.3.2 / MySQL
Bootstrap 3
AWS / EC2 / CodeDeploy
Apr 2016
A startup company that I helped design and create.

Created using PHP and Laravel Framework.

ViewTurn is a software company that uses video and analytics to help companies and career seekers.  Designed resume parsing algorithms, video/audio compression/converting, and complex access control.  Handled DevOps via AWS Code Deploy and Vagrant

External resources used in this project:
-HDVFR (video recorder)
-Sorvren (resume parser)
-Redbean (ORM)
Personal Site
Feb 2016
My personal website.

Created using using NodeJS and Express.

This project was designed as an introduction to using NodeJS and Express as a web server.  It is built on top of AWS Elastic Beanstalk.  Also, the database is held within another wonderful amazon service AWS RDS.

Some other elements used within this project:
-FancyBox v2
-Sequelize (ORM)
Aug 2015
Another startup I helped bring to life.

Created using PHP and Laravel.

A CRM type sales tool used to record digital notes during sales calls.  Project was very fast paced and took off right out of the gate.  Took about 2 months to complete.  Elements of AWS EC2 and  Code Deploy were used.

Other external resources used:
-Jquery Sortable
-First Data
Drew Titran
Jun 2015
A personal website display the workings of Drew Titran, a producer / song writer.

Another project done in my off hours (late nights and weekends)

Created With:
Wix (Better than Joomla, but I HATE CMS systems)
Lot of personalized creations (rawr HTML / JS)
Simplified UAV
Apr 2014
A simplified UAV created using OpenGL.

Demonstrates a Real Time System (RTS) coded within the classic OpenGL loop.

Research on UAV Helicopter physics resulted in a successful 3D controlled creation.  The movement of the helicopter supports Pitch, Yaw, and Tilt (the three basic axis movements for a helicopter.

Created with:
-Visual Studio
-3ds Max
River Simulation
Mar 2014
A river simulation implemented using OpenGL.

Flow of a river and inlet / outlet system generated using the standard OpenGl library.

Used a control fluid dynamics library called Palabos.

Developed using C++.